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Courses Tutored
Note that the following list is based on ETSU course numbering and naming.  If you attend a different school, let me know and we'll figure out how it matches up with the list below.

    *  Principles of Accounting I (Financial)       (ACCT 2010)
    *  Principles of Accounting II (Managerial)   (ACCT 2020)
    *  Financial Accounting I                              (ACCT 3010)
    *  Financial Accounting II                             (ACCT 3020)
    *  Management Accounting                         (ACCT 3110)
    *  Advanced Financial Accounting               (ACCT 4010)

Rates quoted are per hour and CASH only for either 1 or 2 students per session:

    *  Principles of Accounting I or II            $40 total (i.e., if 2 students, $20 per student)
    *  All upper-division Accounting              $60 total (i.e., if 2 students, $30 per student)

- Note that I CANNOT accept credit cards or personal checks.
- Payment is due at beginning of session.
- Additional time can be added to sessions as needed if requested ahead of time.  Charge is $20 total per     each additional 1/2 hour past the first hour.
Accounting tutor for ETSU and Tri-cities, TN area